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Counselling for Older People

Mobile Counselling Teignmouth area

I am committed to bringing the benefits of counselling to anyone who needs them and have focused a large part of my practice towards ensuring that older people are able to access my counselling services when they need them.

The rapidly changing world we live in can sometimes seem hostile and confusing. Bereavement, disability and illness become increasingly likely the older we get. However, the gentle, non-judgmental work of counselling for older adults can be a key tool in dealing with these challenges, helping us to navigate a time of life in which many people feel marginalized and ignored.

Counselling for confidence and hope in older age

I focus on each client as a person; on their experiences, hopes, fears and desires. I support them through a process of personal reflection designed to increase their sense of self-worth and their confidence in dealing with the difficult emotions and hard situations that our lives contain.

My aim is to help people find as much joy, love and comfort in their lives as possible. Old age may not be for the faint-hearted, but the positivity and affirmation of counselling for older adults can make a big difference.

Mobile counselling service for people with mobility issues

I provide a fully mobile counselling service for older adults and those who have mobility issues. If you can’t get to me I am happy to visit you. I also have links with a number of residential homes and have had great success visiting clients in this setting.
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