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Who is Counselling for?

Counselling in Teignmouth

Old or young, man or woman, everyone can benefit from counselling.

Counselling is for everyone

None of us can manage all the problems of life alone. Sometimes we need help. Often we reach out to family members, friends or colleagues for support, but there are times when this seems impossible. Perhaps the things we need to speak about are too difficult, too hurtful or just too private to talk about with those who share our lives. At these times getting help from a professional, someone outside our lives, can be invaluable.  

People attend counselling for an endless list of reasons. Each person’s needs and troubles are different, but what you will find in counselling is a safe, supportive and confidential space to air them.

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Book a Counselling Session

Counsellor in Teignmouth

Confidential counselling sessions can be booked in Teignmouth and usually take place at the Alice Cross Centre.

Mobile Counselling in Newton Abbot area

Teign Counselling provides a fully mobile counselling service, ensuring that counselling for older adults or people with mobility issues is easily available. If you cannot come to me because of mobility or other issues, I am happy to come to you.

Online Counselling

If regular appointments are difficult for you to keep due to work or other commitments, then some or all of your sessions can be held by telephone or online through secure video counselling. Please ask me about this via the contact form, email or phone.

Contact Teign Counselling

If you would like to book your first counselling session or need any more information, please call or text me or use the Teign Counselling Email contact form. If I can’t answer at the time, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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